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12-Aug-2017 17:51

The Dark Wanderer was born in 1996, and is one of the largest collections of free slut wife, interracial and cuckold stories in the world. It was after we finished our cruise to the Caribbean that Alice said we had to talk to Mama about things.

A Slut Wife story is an erotic tale about a hot and sexy wife who goes outside the marriage for her fun, and a forgiving, submissive, or unaware but always cuckolded husband. According to Alice the cruise had been a complete success.

“Cuckservative” is the direct opposite: it requires no elaboration and carries with it an image of humiliation.

When the average schmuck thinks “cuckservative,” he visualizes an elephant tearfully sobbing in the corner while Barack Obama (or an illegal Mexican, or an ISIS jihadi, whatever your flavor of decline) lifts up Lady Liberty’s skirt for an unlubed rogering.

Their only solution is to out-Left the Left, hence their absurdities of claiming that the Democrats are the “real” racists, welcoming mass immigration because Latinos are “natural Republicans,” and giving further tax breaks to corporations that enforce leftist orthodoxy on the rest of us.

Unfortunately for them, Americans are waking up to their three-card monte game. From its inception in the 1950s, mainstream conservatism was always intended to be controlled opposition, existing primarily to give the rubes an illusion of choice.

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I briefly considered doing a piece on someone who was born on January 31.… continue reading »

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