Get revemge on an online dating scammer

03-Oct-2017 13:04

Commenting on the research, Nick Shaw, European head of Symantec’s Norton division said: “When people go online looking for love and affection they may not be as vigilant as they might be elsewhere…

they look for the good rather than the bad.” Experts suggested that lack of vigilance concerning online privacy can allow these people to be blackmailed, made the subject of revenge porn attacks and be tricked by assumed fake identities into parting with their cash.

They employ software ‘bots’ to find victims then pass them onto others, who get to know these people in order to steal their victims’ money.

Continuing, Shaw suggested that “there is a lot of money swilling around in the online dating world and criminals will always go where there is money.” Symantec found that 32% of respondents received requests for money on dating sites, while 28% had been ‘catfished’ – fooled via stolen videos and images into believing a scammer’s fake identity.

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While scam attempts abound, most are easy to avoid once you know what to look for.Familiarize yourself with these online dating scams to ensure that you do not wind up ensnared. They are attempts to use fake credentials to trick you into giving away information like your dating site login or your credit card numbers.You get an email that appears to be from a dating site you use. It may offer a discount on a popular premium option. But why would someone want my dating site logins, you may think to yourself.Once you send them money, the fraudsters will keep coming back and invent new reasons to send them more.

Fraudsters may also use the conversations you have to find out enough personal information about you to commit identity fraud.They’re using the site to gain your trust and ask you for money or enough personal information to steal your identity.