Poop cam chat rooms

03-Nov-2017 03:11

Banter chats let you send photos, summaries for URLs, and the universal language of our generation, animated gifs.

So when an app launches specifically for people who poop while using their smartphones, the target market is huge. The two students behind this “can’t believe it’s real” app are setting out to solve what they admit is a first-world problem: What is there to do while you take a number two?

Yet, new social app Banter makes a compelling case for why chat rooms deserve a second chance.

Susan Pavlin and her work at Global Growers is important and vital and makes Atlanta a richer place. But then turn your eyes to 1s and 0s to Zoo Atlanta's Sloth Cam, a rich melange of one of nature's weirdest animals and the internet's weirdest people.

Even though sloths are legit weird and fascinating - They only poop once a week! - the optics of that weirdness aren't action-packed. "It's all the drama without the heart-stopping speed," a copywriter was paid to write about the Sloth Cam.

The camera is tightly framed on a corner of the sloth enclosure, which, like our hearts, sometimes features one or two sloths but is just as often empty.

Second, we've failed as a race and should all just get in the sea right now, handing the keys to the insects on our way out.

Ever taken a particularly gruelling shit and wished that you could chat with other throne dwellers, to discuss the ins and outs (but obviously mostly outs) of going number two? Well, clearly someone has, because there are now apps for your i Phone that allow you to share your strain session with a fellow bowel emptier. Jerome's effort hit the App Store just last month, billing itself as 'The ONLY app that tailors your chatting experience to the toilet.' Perhaps there's a reason for that, but at least the guy's original.

Two rather cringe-worthy new i Phone apps, Pooductive and Crap Chat, prove two things for certain.