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06-Dec-2017 23:22

Hmm, let’s say, only use them on very special occasions. Plus, closed questions are usually boring to answer. You don’t have to pretend you’re a CEO or some upcoming movie star. If you find yourself starting to ask her questions that you would ask someone over the age of 70, stop. If it’s like this again, well, maybe you two don’t connect like you hoped. If you force the conversation to continue, it ends up being dull and somewhat painful to sit through.It just gives off this immature vibe to us, that is unless she’s heavy on the smiley faces. But if you have a tendency to do nothing with your day, at least say that you’re walking your dog or doing the dishes. [Read: How to ask a girl out over text – 7 steps to an instant yes] #14 Stay social media light.This will allow them to talk about the things they’re passionate about – which is one of those great online dating conversation starters that helps you to really learn about a person, not a profile.Once in a while you meet someone you just click with and the conversation is effortless.If so, I’m thinking you can go all out if you want. #6 If she doesn’t reply, don’t text her right away. If you two are just starting to text each other and you also have each other on Facebook and/or Instagram, this doesn’t mean now you have the green light to like every post and photo for the past two years. If you start looking too eager, she may get scared and pull back.If she’s not replying in the timely fashion that you want, texting her again and again, won’t get her to reply any faster. So, if she doesn’t reply either wait for her to reply, or write her the next day. [Read: What to text a girl – Dos, don’ts and all the secrets to know] #7 Don’t tell her you like her. [Read: 18 really obvious signs that a girl likes you over text] #15 Ask her out. You may not succeed the first time round, but with enough practice, you’ll own it.But to avoid ending up being featured in articles about the absolute worst in pick-up lines, you might need a little help coming up with that perfect thing to say.

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Try asking someone, “Have you ever been snorkeling? ” and the conversation may end as soon as it began (unless you’re in a diving class or at a nerd function…Any question according to the surrounding would help you to have a conversation with a stranger.

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